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Amazon Rainforest tours in Ecuador Peru and Bolivia

About the Amazon Rainforest Tour selection of Fairtravel4u


With Fairtravel4u we can organize more than 40 different standard tours into the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Our jungle tours go to popular Amazon lodges located in the spectacular nature reserves of: Yasuni, Cuyabeno, Iquitos, Pacaya Samiria, Manu, Tambopata and Madidi.


All of our standard Amazon tours provide a good value for money and the short list below gives you a good impression of the possibilities within your time and budget.


Besides standard tours, we’re also able to organize original customized tours into the mighty Amazon Rainforest! Think for example about doing volunteer work in an animal refuge, celebrating your honeymoon in the mystical Amazon, or to combine your trip into the Amazon with a tour to the unique Galapagos Islands.

Feel free to contact us and share your travel ideas!

Adventures Cuyabeno Amazon tour


The Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve is home to an incredible variety of Flora and Fauna, including many bird and monkey species and even 2 species of fresh water dolphin.

The base of this adventures tour is the Nicky Amazon Lodge, which is conveniently is located close to Lago Grande!



Price for 4 days from $360.00 per person


Adventures Inca Jungle trail  to Machu Picchu!


Join us on the most adventures Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu! Bike from the Andes Mountains into the countryside of Cusco and hike all the way to the impressive Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu. This adventures trek goes over the mountains, through banana, coffee plantages and rainforrest, all the way to the main entrance of Machu Picchu. On top you can even decide to join a rafting tour, or zip-line experience.

Four days of adventure and adrenaline!


Price for 4 days from $325.00 per person


Popular Tambopata Amazon tour

The base of this tour is the Inotawa Tambopata Amazon Shelter! Their day programs include visiting beautiful and interesting sites close to Inotawa like La Torre, Tres Chimbadas and/ or Cocococha. During these day-tours you will able you to learn more about different Amazon ecosystems such as Mauritia palm swamps, primary forest with rubber trees and Brazil nut harvesting areas. Our Inotawa Amazon Lodge programs will also allow you to visit local farms, the community and local projects.

Price for 4 days from $375.00 per person

Popular Amazon tour to Cuyabeno Jamu Lodge


The Jamu Amazon Lodge is located on the banks of the Cuyabeno River, at only 15 min from the Laguna Grande. The Jamu Amazon Lodge is at the perfect location to observe the protected flooded forest of the National Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. We can highly recommend to go for a sunset-swim in the Laguna Grande and maybe even spot a pink fresh water dolphin!



Price for 5 days from $425.00 per person


Private adventures Madidi Amazon tour


This adventures private Tacuaral Amazon Tour into the Madidi Amazon Reserve onlyrequires a minimum of only 2 people. 

You can leave at the time you want and stop where you want.We don’t include other people in your tour, which means that you make the this Amazon tour with your own private guide for a maximum jungle experience!



Price for 4 days from $495.00 per person


Hiking, canoing and camping in Tambopata Amazon!


During this adventures Amazon tour you will not only visit local farms and beautiful oxbow lakes with otters, but also the biggest mammal Clay-Lick of the Tambopata Amazon Reserve! This Clay-Lick is named Soliraria Clay-Lick and is a popular place for the mammals of the Amazon to eat salts and minerals. Because the bigger mammals (incl. deer, tapir and boar) are more likely to come to the clay-lick after dark, we will be spending the night in tents close to this Soliraria Clay-Lick.



Price for 5 days from $555.00 per person


The Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure!


This is a unique Amazon Tour because you will stay one of the few lodges that was allowed to be constructed in the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Reserve. The basic Cayman and Dolphin Lodge is located on the shores of the Yarapa River, at 240 km from Iquitos, deep into the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Rainforest. The daily excursions from this lodge are full of adventure, fun and wildlife spotting and you might even be able see the pink fresh water dolphins!



Price for 6 days from $590.00 per person


The Madidi Amazon Jungle Challange!


Life in the Amazon Rainforest depends largely on surfive of the strongest, fittest and smartest. This Amazon tour is made for those who do not fear for the mysteries of the Amazon and want to challange the jungle and themselves. During the day you will walk deep into the Madidi Amazon Rainforest, between centuries-old trees and at night you stay in small hats or mosquiteros. During this tour you will be able to see many flora and fauna species, learn about survival in the Amazon and much more!



Price for 6 days from $625.00 per person


Cuyabeno Amazon Paddling

Cuyabeno Amazon Paddling Adventure!


During this adventurous paddling tour you will navigate deep into the Amazon Rainforest of Cuyabeno. This unique Wildlife Reserv is located in the north-eastern Amazon region of Ecuador, close to the Colombian and Peruvian borders and between the San Miguel and Aguarico rivers.

The first half of this Amazon tour you will stay at the well located Jamu Lodge, but during the second half you will be camping in the middle of the jungle at unique locations!



Price for 8 days from $900.00 per person


Bring an exclusive visit to the TRC Amazon Lodge!


All guides at the Tambopata Research Center are are experienced biologists. The TRC Lodge is one of the only two lodges that were allowed to be build right into the so called buffer zone in the middle of the Tambopata Amazon Reserve. It is located close to the famous Chuncho/ Colpa Macaw Clay Lick. The scientists at the TRC Amazon Lodge will provide an in depth look at the biology of macaws, their feeding habits, the theories for clay lick use, their breeding and feeding ecology, population fluctuations, etc.


Price for 5 days from $1125.00 per person


Special 9 day Manú Amazon Tour!


Because of Manús topographical range, it has one of highest levels of biodiversity of any park in the world. Overall, more than 15,000 species of plants and over 1000 species of birds are found in Manú! Manú also claims to have one of the highest abundances of land vertebrates ever found in Latin American tropical forests. Because of its isolated location Manú offers it's visitors a unique opportunity shyer wildlife like otters, anteaters, a tapir or even a jaguar!


Price for 9 days from $1650.00 per person


Unique 44 day Galapagos, Amazon, Volunteer Tour!


This unique tour in Ecuador combines traveling to the Galapagos and voluntering in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In 6 weeks you will be able to fully experience the beauty of Ecuadorian flora and fauna. After you’ve seen the Ecuadorian wildlife on the Galapagos and Amazon in its natural environment you will join the volunteer team of the Merazonia Animal Refuge. With Merazonia you get the change to help in a sustainable way the less fortunate animals that were taken away from the Amazon Rainforest to get a second chance.


Price for 44 days from $3350.00 per person




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